Our Story

Rethink Construction


Bao Living is a new kind of construction company. We’ve made a modular utility system for city living — we believe that the conventional way in which homes are built is inefficient and overly costly. By looking holistically at the construction process of residential buildings we can see that there are many areas in which out-of-the-box thinking can lead to real-life improvements. Starting with our first product — SAM— our aim is to introduce a completely new construction process that takes full advantage of modular construction techniques.

About us

Who are we?


Bao Living was founded in 2015 by Benjamin Eysermans & Axel van der Donk in Antwerp, Belgium. We started the business as a reaction to the growing costs of building your own home and the evidently outdated manner in which it is built. Our first product – SAM – allows project developers to quickly and easily install the utilities for their residential projects. We work closely with suppliers in Antwerp and Ghent to produce products to the highest standard. We are driven by the ongoing challenges of sustainable urbanization and we hope to have as great an impact as possible on creating attractive living spaces in cities.

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