Meet Sam

A Smart Adaptive Module for your
next high-rise project


SAM is a modular utilities solution that houses a kitchen, bathroom and the 5 necessary living utilities. Together with you we design SAM into your apartments and install it in a matter of days.

The living spaces of today consist of 5 utilities

Traditional method


The utilities are spread throughout the entire home in the walls and floors. This is an inefficient, labour intensive and costly process.

The bao way


We concentrate all the utilities in the center of the home. All the utilities are housed inside SAM and are no longer embedded in the building.

Why put everything in one unit?


It can be prefabricated

It is more affordable to manufacture products in factories.

All utilities installed at once

This reduces the overall construction time of the project.

Reduced on-site work

Leads to fewer mistakes during construction

Efficient use of materials

Using less materials and facilitating end-of-life recyclability

SAM heats and ventilates all the bordering rooms

Tools-PNG-Transparent-Image copy

This concept has been tested and validated. We also built a prototype, if you want to come and have a look just send us a message

SAM fits into a whole range
of different spaces


Installed by our own team in 3 days.
Ready to be used in lots of different spaces.

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