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Bao is a company that is going to change the way in which homes are built. We have developed a product that takes the next step towards the industrialisation of the construction sector. The concept of the product is to concentrate most of the “home functions” in a single module, the SAM. We are a passionate and down-to-earth team consisting of 2 co-founders and several industrial partners and we are looking for someone to help us  with the challenge of bringing innovation to a fairly traditional sector.





We are looking for a construction design engineer with strong interest in operations.You will be jointly responsible for taking our proprietary SAM system from a full scale, fully functional, prototype to a mass-production-ready product. This role will cover many facets of designing a product and everything that is coupled with getting that product made, understood and installed. You will become the 3rd member of the Bao team and will be jumping into a challenging and at times unpredictable new role at a crucial moment for the business.


This involves amongst others:


  • Further develop and maintain the design of our product; the SAM. This includes digital design and and the development of a digital library that forms a crucial part of our product’s configurability and ease of use. This development has to fit into the, now mandatory, BIM (Building Information Model) methodology.


  • This design has innovative and conceptual aspects but needs to satisfy manufacturing and installation requirements to ensure the practical implementation of our product.


  • Contact with internal as well as external partners to come up with novel solutions: our own design strategy, product management, customers and our industrial partners: a design studio, manufacturing and installation.


  • Contact with suppliers involving almost all materials used in the building industry: raw materials, kitchen and bathroom equipment, HVAC equipment, electricity and domotics


  • A sense of aesthetics as the SAM has to offer a practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution to its customer.


Above are some concrete examples of the type of work you will be doing, but you should note that in this phase of our business you should be ready to assume different roles within the company. One day you may be tied down with admin or leading a project and the next day you may be dealing with practical issues on a construction site. Be ready.





  • A remuneration in line with your capabilities and experience


  • Flexible work hours. We aim for a full time work week but you should be prepared for longer days depending on the amount of work. Shorter weeks also happen by the way.


  • Work at least 3 days a week at the office (Antwerp).


  • Bouwverlof:  you HAVE to take holiday during the Summer as the sector literally shuts down.


  • A start-up environment.


  • Join us in a new work space in Antwerp along with a handful of other creative entrepreneurs.


  • A lot of room for learning and applying new skills


  • The opportunity to design your own job that grants you a lot of autonomy.


  • You get the unique chance to grow along with the business.





  • Be ‘self motivated’. You are part of a team that has to invent its future every day.


  • Be curious. Never stop asking why? what? how?


  • Focus on growth.  BAO aims at growing because its product can only flourish with volume.


  • Take initiative within a consensual environment. We try to be a very collaborative work environment.


  • Have high standards but knows that perfection doesn’t exist.


  • Have an eye for detail and a good judgement for the “details that matter”


  • Be flexible: you can wear many different hats and you should be comfortable with the interchange between leading roles and supportive ones (project leader to basic admin).


  • You are not afraid to get their hands dirty, we are working in the construction sector after all.


  • Can find the balance between innovative, original concepts and practical, deliverable solutions





Time Management

  • Aim for a full work week
  • Shifts focus depending on priorities



  • Small Team with several partners
  • Be at ease with communication between very different parties. From C-levels to builders.


Software proficiencies:

  • Sketchup
  • Vectorworks
  • Autodesk Revit


Project Management


Capable of making quick decisions


A degree (university or equivalent) in engineering, design or architecture


A few years industrial experience in a design driven environment is a strong asset.


A plus:

  • Building interior design
  • Architecture and building physics (HVAC, electricity, etc ..)
  • Design thinking
  • Knowledge of BIM
  • Manufacturing and installation




Driving license, own car a plus but not necessary. 


A Sense of humour and a taste for the finer things in life, like a Bicky burger.



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If what you read above resonates with who you are and the kind of challenge you are looking for, please click on the button at the bottom of this page. We will get into contact with you.


See you soon!


– Team Bao